The Funniest 911 Call: Deer, Joe, Dog and a Bambulance...

There are few online comedy bits that rival the story of Joe vs. the Deer. This classic recording of a man calling 911 after suffering an attack from a deer while inside his car, is an automatic knee-slapper and gave birth to millions of cries of "I need a BAMBULANCE!"

It's a riotous 911 call. Deer, Joe, a rabid dog, an emergency dispatcher, a Stop 'n' Go and the need for a "bambulance" combine with Joe's unmistakable accent to create a completely chaotic and unforgettable joke:

From a comedy standpoint, this is hard to beat. It starts with an implausibly bad decision and quickly escalates to absolute mayhem. The whole time, the deadpan EMS dispatcher serves as a perfect foil to Joe's histrionics.

There are currently at least seven versions of the Joe vs. Deer call available on YouTube alone. There are undoubtedly even more straight audio recordings of the tape circulating across the Internet.

Although funny 911 calls aren't the freshest joke around, and despite the fact that Joe's 911 may date back decades, it's still a high-demand piece of comedy.