Joe, Deer, 911 Call and plenty of laughs!

It takes only 3 ingredients to create gut-wrenching laughter:

911 Call

Joe is the guy with a southern accent who collides with a deer. Believing the beast dead, he throws its carcass in the back seat. The deer, however, regains consciousness and goes on a rampage, biting Joe in the neck.

Joe runs to a phone booth to place a 911 emergency call (caught on tape, of course). That's when the crazed dog attacks him. Even more hilarity ensues. If you haven't listened to the Joe vs. Deer tape, you simply MUST do so right now:

People often question the authenticity of the 911 call / deer / Joe tape. There are many different explanations regarding its origins and legitimacy. Regardless of whether the "real Joe" ever earned a deer bite and a tire iron struggle with a rabid dog, the audio is a true piece of classic Internet comedy.