The Story of Joe: The Deer 911 Call that Keeps 'Em Laughing...

If you want to know how to have a miserable night and gain some serious fame in the process, ask Joe. The deer 911 call he made decades ago is still a hot commodity for those seeking laughs. The viral capabilities of the Internet created a massive revival for the tape, which has been around for at least 20 (maybe even 30 years).

Just in case you aren't familiar, have a listen:

No one is absolutely sure if Joe's call is legit. Some assume its a hoax, others swear by its authenticity. The well-regarded urban legend-checkers at Snopes haven't reached a certain conclusion. Their explanation makes a great deal of sense. argues that Joe's story might be true. The accident with the deer, the resulting bite, and the 911 phone call may have all happened. However, they doubt that the version we find online is the original. It's more likely that Joe's tale of woe has been improved over the years, with industrious pranksters recording "improved" versions that stem from the original transcripts.

An article in 9-1-1 magazine claims that Joe, the deer 911 call and the battle with the dog are all the brainchild of a former cop and emergency dispatch consultant named Mickey Dawes. Dawes pulled the stunt on dispatchers in a neighboring city back in the early 80s, while a cop in New York. He duplicated the call in Connecticut and then placed the version we hear today while training EMS personnel on new computerized equipment in Texas.

That might seem like a great explanation for the Joe vs. Deer story, but others question the 9-1-1 explanation. Apparently, the roots of Joe's plea for a bambulance (don't forget your "I need a bambulance" T-shirt, by the way) may actually date all the way back to 1974...

Regardless of the background, the tape itself is a comedy classic.