Poor Joe: The Deer 911 Tape Made Him Famous...

The Internet has given us a few hundred thousand viral comedy classics, but few have the staying power of the tale of Joe & the deer. 911 tape humor is nothing new--there have been compilations of crazy "emergency" calls dating back to the 8-track era. Joe's insane situation, however, is the stuff of legend.

If you haven't listened to the call (and there's really no excuse, considering that it's available right on this page), here's a brief recap:

Joe hits a deer, puts the animal's corpse in his car, and continues driving along. Then, the animal regains consciousness and goes berserk, biting the poor fella on the neck. Joe runs to a pay phone to request an ambulance. That's when the potentially rabid mutt bites him. He's trying to tell the emergency dispatcher how to find him while simultaneously dealing with bleeding deer wounds and an ongoing knife fight with the dog. Listen:

Joe just wanted a "bambulance". Instead, he ended up with Internet notoriety.

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