The Ultimate 911 Call -- Deer, Joe, Dog, Bambulance and a Stop 'N' Go

The tape of Joe vs. the Deer is probably the single funniest 911 recording available. Real and fake 911 jokes are often good for a laugh, but few have the staying power of Joe's "bambulatory" rant.

The most interesting aspect of the Joe / Deer 911 call is that it remains so popular even though there's no way of ascertaining its actual legitimacy. Opinions regarding the origin of the tape and whether or not it was a real emergency call vary from "expert to expert". 9-1-1 Magazine traces the call back to a prankster EMS trainer. refuses to definitively classify it as real or mere urban myth.

In most cases, suspicions of fakery would doom a comedy tape like Joe's. Part of the fun, after all, usually stems from the understanding that the event really happened. The fact that so many people have enjoyed the Joe vs. Deer saga, even though its under a cloud of skepticism, is a real testament to just how funny this clip is!